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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Exploring C++: The Programmer’s Introduction to C++ - Ray Lischner

Product Description: 

Exploring C++ uses a series of self–directed lessons to divide C++ into bite–sized chunks that you can digest as rapidly as you can swallow them. The book assumes only a basic understanding of fundamental programming concepts (variables, functions, expressions, statements) and requires no prior knowledge of C or any other particular language. It reduces the usually considerable complexity of C++.

The included lessons allow you to learn by doing, as a participant of an interactive education session. You’ll master each step in a one sitting before you proceed to the next. Author Ray Lischner has designed questions to promote learning new material. And by responding to questions throughout the text, youll be engaged every step of the way.

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Placement Preparation - Parthasarathy.S

About the Book: 
This book is meant for students who are trying to find the best means of successfully passing through the highly technical selection process in the Information Technology Industry. The industry is thriving now and its usual recruitment procedure is to some extent difficult though somewhat standardized. It involves the following stages :

Aptitude Test ® Technical Test ® Technical Interview ® Personal Interview

Group Discussion may form one of the steps in the interview process. The technical sessions are predictably tough and so aspirants might be happy for some informative and formalized help available to face them. This book is for these aspirants.

Eleven of the twelve chapters of the book contain short questions and answers on C Programming, C++ Programming, Data Structure Algorithms, DBMS, RDBMS, DDBMS, Software Engineering, Software Quality, Software Testing, Operating System, Computer Applications, Java Programming and Computer Networks.

The twelfth chapter contains objective-type questions on the various topics discussed earlier. This will help the user to test himself after mastering the earlier chapters. This is not a book projecting original ideas but a compilation of structured information relevant to any student planning to enter the field of Information Technology in the private sector or in the public sector undertakings.


Telecommunication Switching and Networks - Gnanasivam. P

About the Book: 

This book,Telecommunication Switching and Networks, is intended to serve as a textbook for undergraduate course of information technology, electronics and communication engineering, and telecommunication engineering. Telecommunication switching is fastgrowing field and enormous research and development are undertaken by various organisations and firms. This book provides an in-depth knowledge on telecommunication switching and a good background for advanced studies in communication networks. For best understanding, more diagrams (202), tables (35) and related websites, which provide sufficient information have been added.

Introduction to Switching SystemsTelecommunication StandardsTelephone and Transmission SystemsEvaluation of Telecommunication Switching SystemDigital Switching SystemsComputer Controlled Switching SystemsSignalling TechniquesTraffic EngineeringTelephone Network OrganisationTransmission NetworksData NetworksISDN.


Peer-to-Peer Computing for Mobile Networks: Information Discovery and Dissemination

Product Description: 

Wireless devices are becoming smaller, more user-friendly and more pervasive. Peer-to-Peer Computing for Mobile Networks: Information Discovery and Dissemination discusses research results on data dissemination in mobile networks and peer-to-peer systems for mobile devices. 

An important research challenge within this book is to accelerate the data availability and enhance the dissemination and discovery of information when mobile hosts face changes in the availability of bandwidth and loss of connectivity to the Internet. The main focus of this bookis a novel resource-sharing mechanism for mobile devices, which introduces a new paradigm of information-sharing cooperation among mobile devices not necessarily connected to the internet.

Peer-to-Peer Computing for Mobile Networks: Information Discovery and Dissemination is designed for researchers and practitioners in industry. The book is also suitable for advanced-level students in computer science and electrical engineering.

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